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Procurement Support Services

Specifically developed to provide you with the skills and the flexibility to get the job done on time, and to the high standards that you expect.

Whether large or small, our services are designed to fully support your Purchasing and Supply team in adding value through your supply chain.

Training & Coaching

Opportunity Analysis

Category Management


Benchmarking & Reporting

Foodservice Price Index

There to help you maximise performance

Running a successful Purchasing & Supply team is now more challenging than ever. We provide:

RESOURCES – Skilled, capable people able to mobilise get oriented fast, so that opportunities or challenges can be tackled quickly and effectively.

KNOWLEDGE – Benchmarking, insight and reports to ensure that you and your team are well equipped to deal with every situation.

DEVELOPMENT – Support to ensure that you get every ounce of value from your team, and fuel their development, raise performance and retention.










We don’t run public “sheep-dip” programmes, preferring instead to use tried and tested frameworks to bespoke build training individually with clients for between 8 and 14 delegates.  Typically we take input from our sponsor and from each delegate prior determining outcomes and  designing materials.


Available for Leaders and Senior Managers, provided by our Chairman, David Read. Using the GROW [Goals/Reality/Outcome/Will] framework it provides a highly effective means of taking on new learnings to improve performance. Free coaching is available when other services are purchased.

Opportunity Analysis

Use our Opportunity Analysis service to establish the optimum Supply Strategy for your Supply Chain or Categories within it. We collect your data and business requirements, and using our extensive and current market information we determine all of the key options for future supply. These are then evaluated and ranked before being built into a detailed plan including financial goals, and the milestones, skills and resources required to deliver the identified benefits.

Category Management

We have buying expertise in every category that’s typically purchased by foodservice operators. So for areas where you don’t have specific expertise, we have the experts on tap. We can take full accountability for results, right from collection of data through to implementation.

Categories include:










We run a tried and tested process to ensure that every category not only delivers sound financial returns but produces suppliers and contracts that are easy to implement and trouble free. And we use our full buying and analyst resources to deliver quickly and effectively.


Whilst we have the skills and resources to manage Categories “end-to-end”, we can also supplement existing resources to deliver a unified result. And we can also use our existing Food and Beverage buying team to provide expert support in specialist Categories such as Dairy or Meat.

Interims. Dealing with the unexpected

We can usually field immediate cover, with suitable skills, sound experience, and a good cultural fit that you can pay by the day, until your problem is resolved.

We have a wide range if individuals available, from leadership to specialists, and from analysts to jobbing buyers.


Sudden resignation

Spike in workload

One-off projects

Specialist skills requirement

Maternity/Paternity leave

Benchmarking & Reporting

We have a dedicated Insight team, whose role is to analyse and understand food and drink markets, and report on events, trends and performance. Uniquely independent, we provide data, knowledge and understanding to a wide variety of clients throughout the sector.

Examples of our bespoke reports:

PRICE BENCHMARKING – buying performance against market.

MARKET INSIGHT – trends, risks and opportunities for key lines.

SUPPLIER INSIGHT – new suppliers, market surveys, due diligence.

CLIENT REPORTING – independent reports for contract caterers rating buying performance against the market.

Bespoke Reports

Gain access to our extensive databank and expertise on every aspect of supplying goods and services to hospitality and food service businesses. We can prepare reports of any length, heavy or light on statistics, and analysis, or a balance of both based on your specific requirements.

Food Inflation – Annual

Published each December, we take a detailed view of food inflation over the past year, providing insight about what’s behind it, and our forecasts for the year ahead. The report release party is our most popular event, attracting clients and industry leaders. Clients and those who attend receive the report free of charge.

Read last year’s report.

FPI Report

Foodservice Price Index (FPI) is developed specifically for the foodservice and catering sector as a more accurate and relevant alternative to the Consumer Price Index. The report contains insights and analysis from over seven million lines of data each month.

Procurement Support Services

A portfolio of services designed for both large and small businesses, individually tailored to fully support your team in adding value through your supply chain providing the resource, skills and flexibility required to get the job done.

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