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Procurement Partnerships

Partnerships and joint ventures between foodservice and hospitality operators – aimed at leveraging scale and reducing cost

Service provided to large-scale operators to strengthen buying power on commodity products

Buying platforms to enable sector peers to pool resources and spend to deliver lower costs

Commodity Group is a service provided to large-scale operators that strengthens buying power, and delivers lower prices on commodity products

Large-scale operators buy significant quantities of commodity products such as cooking oil, butter, milk and mayonnaise. Where an operator buys sufficient volume, deals are often struck direct with manufacturers, with the goods then contracted for distribution by existing suppliers.

Our Commodity Group enables operators to pool their volume, with Prestige providing programme management, technology and end-to-end tender management. This Group delivers lower costs to members and frees up buying resource to focus on more critical categories.

And our bespoke method for sharing the improvements delivered ensures that even the best existing pricing can still deliver benefits to the operator concerned.

Our Joint Ventures service creates buying platforms to enable sector peers to pool resources and spend to deliver lower costs

Only the very largest of foodservice businesses can truly maximise their scale, and exploit the commercial opportunities that flow from it. Some operators seek support from aggregation platforms, but these can be commercially opaque and inflexible in what they deliver. Our solution overcomes these challenges by helping operators find other operators with whom they can pool their buying to create the scale required, then providing the required services to deliver outstanding results.  All delivered by a highly professional and transparent provider.

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