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Why we do what we do – and in the way that we do it

Over twenty-two years in business we have enjoyed some enormous successes, experienced major challenges and difficulties, had lots of fun, made innumerable and lifelong friends, and have used a ton of experience to gradually refine and develop what we do.

But we would like to think that throughout nearly a quarter of a century of supporting our sector, the reasons for why we do what we do and the values that underpin them have remained largely the same. But they have also remained largely unspoken, so we thought that now (before it’s too late!) would be a great time to spell these out as clearly as we can.

REASON 1 – Supply is an underestimated influence on profitability

There is a big obsession in our sector with revenues. Like-for-like sales are poured over whilst slippages in margin are sometimes accepted with a shrug of the shoulders, even when they wreak havoc with profitability. Every 1% of margin delivered by great supply chain management drops straight to the bottom line. In cash.

REASON 2 – It should always YOUR supply chain

We have never really understood why some operators buy into large scale homogenous supply chains from other purchasing companies. We believe that your supply chain should be built with your business and its individual needs in mind.

REASON 3 – Purchasing should be carried out with transparency and integrity

Neither have we understood why it’s OK for some purchasing providers to make an opaque margin on your purchases. Your purchases are where you spend your money with your supplier. So you will always know what we are charging you. No smoke, no mirrors.

REASON 4 – Any fool can buy something cheaper

We think the route to delivering you the sharpest margins in our sector is by employing the very best people and using the most comprehensive set of market price data. We believe that quality delivers higher sales and ultimately saves costs too.

REASON 5 – Supply management is not just about cost

Supply chain is first and foremost about risk management, as “no supply” results in zero sales. But supply also covers quality, service, innovation, make/buy, sustainability and provenance to name but a few. Our philosophy is straightforward – get all these building blocks properly in place, and margin improvements will fall out of the process.

Put simply, we have tried to build a business that always treats you as you would wish to be treated, delivers results by doing things properly, and provides services where you always know the true return on investment.

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