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New, easier, and more affordable ways to access cost reductions

During the period of lockdown we called lots of people in the sector, and asked about the things that we could do differently and better, so that we could be in the best possible shape for the “new normal” of post lockdown.

Here are a few of the changes that we made as a result:

YOU SAID: Make yourselves more accessible and affordable to smaller businesses. We deliver step changes in cost to our clients where much of the effort on our part takes place in the first 8-10 months. In the past we have asked our clients to pay for our work at the time that we expend the effort. This has meant that customers, particularly those with a purchase spend under £5m per annum have needed to make considerable net payments on fees well in advance of any cost reduction benefit received.

OUR RESPONSE: As a result, we have introduced a new funding model where we can charge fees to our operator clients or draw them down (on a fully transparent basis) from suppliers. This enables clients to access the impacts of the delivered cost savings much earlier. We have also introduced a ready-made and pre-selected supply chain (Consortium Supply) for those that wish to have immediate access to cost savings.

YOU SAID: Provide a wider range of flexible resource to larger clients. Larger operators told us that with the huge drop in sales experienced in the pandemic, there is an urgent need for more flexible resource. Many said that they are planning to restrict central headcount and are interested in supplementing those retained with highly skilled people focused on specific short-term outcomes. Others expressed interest in outsourcing procurement as a means of both reducing central overhead and improving performance.

OUR RESPONSE: As a result, we have re-shaped our Cost Management services to provide for every possibility, from tactical Project Delivery right through to Full Outsource. We have the capability and the expertise and can now respond quickly and effectively to any need – large or small.

YOU SAID: We need Benchmarking and Analysis for our M&A activity. Our research uncovered an expected high level of M&A in the sector during 2020 and 2021, and a requirement for accurate benchmarking and analysis to establish the level of supply chain opportunity within potential acquisitions.

OUR RESPONSE: We developed a fast-track Supply Diagnostic to establish scale of opportunity and key strategies required to deliver it within M&A targets.

As John F. Kennedy said, “When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters — one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.” We stand ready to support any opportunity that you wish to explore.

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