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MPs back Brexit delay by one vote

Whilst non-voters claim one vote doesn’t make a difference, here we see it certainly does. In the most recent Parliamentary vote on Brexit, MPs, by a majority of one, have forced Theresa May to ask the EU to extend the Brexit process.

The bill, led by Yvette Cooper, is intended to provide more time for Pparliament to reach an agreement on a Brexit scenario in hope of avoiding a no-deal outcome. Following this vote, the bill now has to be ratified by the House of Lords, which, having shown no desire for a no-deal outcome, is unlikely to refuse it. Following this vote, the bill has now been ratified by the House of Lords. If MP’s accept the amendments made by the House of Lords, the EU would then decide whether to grant further delay.

It is expected that Brussels would not concede to another short delay, and if a delay is granted, this would likely be for the long term, with the UK involved in European Elections in May.

Uncertainty for the foodservice sector looks set to continue. With the possibility of a long-term extension to the Brexit process, it may be the case that the efforts taken to stockpile food and mitigate the negative effects of leaving the Union were wasted. A lengthy delay would mean things stay as they are for the time being. Whether or not the EU will grant an extension will be the next major checkpoint in the departure process, and we shall see the fallout from that decision soon.


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