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Are low cost arable crops becoming history?

Climate change is an ongoing worry for everyone, with global warming increasingly causing extreme and unpredictable weather all over the globe, and it looks like it’s here to stay. The serious damage climate change brings to arable crops is being seen by farmers everywhere, and it’s unavoidable.

In Europe, Italy has recently suffered from damaging hailstorms which have destroyed a large amount of fruit crops. In areas worst affected there were hailstones measuring up to a massive 8 centimetres in diameter! It is not only hailstorms which are affecting fruit crops in regions of Italy, we are seeing torrential rainfall causing issues with the planting tomatoes due to sodden soil preventing transplanting. Also, potatoes in the Bari province in Italy which are ready to be harvested are under water in flooded fields, delaying the harvest anddamaging the crop which does survive.

In the UK, Lincolnshire has recently suffered from very heavy rainfall, with flooding caused by two months’ worth of rainfall falling in just one day. As Lincolnshire is one of the most important vegetable growing areas in the UK, this damage and reduction of crop is destined to cause in reduced supply in many theaffected categories of produce.

The WMO (World Meteorological Organisation), has recently reported that extreme weather events are now being seen more frequently throughout the world, and as such the recent volatility in arable food markets caused by climate change looks set to become a permanent feature for the foreseeable future.

Farmers are obviously increasingly concerned for the future, so increases in the use of insurance and rises in insurance costs will almost certainly impact arable prices in the future.

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