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Further disruption ahead? The Industry seems to think so

The results of our recent survey have revealed an uncertainty within our industry.

55% of those that responded to our survey concentrating on supply chain interruption, said they have recently experienced disruption, with only 20% feeling further disruption in the next 12 months is unlikely.

Since we launched our survey, C&C Group Plc have acquired both Matthew Clark and Bibendum, rescuing the companies from administration. While the uncertainty surrounding the 2 companies was short lived, disruption was still inevitable.

Supply issues also recently occurred after the FSA’s investigations in to UK meat supply. Russel Hume were found to be “seriously non-compliant” after an inspection, and as a result collapsed in February this year.

After several months of discussion, it seems that the meat hygiene scandal has finally died down with no further casualties expected at this point. The FSA will however make further announcements about its plans in due course.

For full results of the survey, please click here.

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