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New ingredient increases yield for cheese makers

A new ingredient for use in cheese production has been launched, offering a range of new benefits. Global bioscience company, Chr. Hansen, have developed a coagulant called CHY-MAX Supreme, which can increase yield by 1%. Whereas many cheeses use rennet in their production, which is an enzyme derived from the stomach linings of calves, CHY-MAX Supreme is made from a fungus, making it a suitable for vegetarian, vegan and halal cheeses.    

Using this ingredient in global cheese production would enable 220,000 tons of extra cheese to be made with the same amount of milk. The benefits don’t stop there, as the new ingredient also speeds up production and allows better slicing and grating of cheese. CHY-MAX has been approved in the largest cheese-producing countries, with many more countries expected to use in coming months.  

There are many benefits accrued from creating higher yield in production. Environmental impact should be reduced, as less land would be required for dairy cattle to produce the same amount of cheese. Increased efficiency of production will help to feed a growing population. Higher yield from the same raw materials should mean less cost in production, and food procurement should be lower cost as a result.  

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