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We are a Foodservice and Hospitality procurement consultancy.

We run bespoke, client-funded supply chain reviews and purchasing projects for leading out-of-home eating businesses.

No aggregation or supplier income.

No share of savings.

Purchasing without the funny business.

What makes us different?


Utilising in-depth and multi-layered insight, we advise on every aspect of supply for hospitality and foodservice. Working with manufacturers and growers, as well as wholesalers, we provide solutions to restaurants, hotels, contract caterers and other industry clients.

Profit focused

Without the constraints of supplier agreements, we take a flexible approach to increasing client profits. Reducing costs is standard; improving quality, ensuring good service, inspiring innovation, and guaranteeing availability form equal parts of our customer equation


Cookie-cutter solutions aren't our thing. We treat our clients as individuals and take a holistic view of their needs. Great value lies in collaborative relationships that enable us to go beyond that we're tasked with


Our relationships and partnerships are built on trust, transparency and honesty. Clients needs come first, and we never take money from suppliers. We value our autonomy and ability to provide independent advice over short-term gain

Unique through independence

We are Europe's largest Independent provider of procurement service to foodservice sector

Our Foodservice Price Index headline figure report is available now

Want to start using FPI but don’t need our full report? Our headline report provides you with the headline FPI figure, helping you track inflation across foodservice and hospitality, as well as gaining insight into the inflationary movement.

Available from £99 per month.


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