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Cost Management

A range of services to deliver a lasting reduction in the cost of your bought in goods and services

Project-based service for the rapid build and handover of new and more efficient supply chains, when extra skills or capacity are needed

The delivery and ongoing management of the lowest cost, bespoke supply chain for your business

Fully integrated and end-to-end management of the cost, availability, quality, service and technology within your supply chain, with no P&L cost

A ready-made supply chain covering food, drink and other key categories, for operators seeking immediate cost savings

Project Delivery is designed for operators who need tactical support on large scale projects (such as major tenders), or through shortages of labour, or a requirement for specific skills/expertise

When large projects come along (such as major contract renewals or M&A activity) it’s difficult to accommodate them without putting critical  “business as usual” activity at risk. Frequently, specialist skills and market insights are also critical to success.

We create Transition Support teams for this kind of work on a bespoke basis to deliver efficient support at the right time so that projects fully meet their objectives and are delivered on budget and on time.

And we pay particular attention handing our work back to your team in a manner than ensures stable long term success.

Commercial Outsource is a service that delivers an optimal supply chain, whilst fully managing its commercial aspects,  to remove inefficiency and align and maintain supply prices with the very best available in the market

Designed for operators with limited buying resources, this service places the commercial aspects of supply in capable hands, whilst maintaining your full control of supplier choice and supplier management.

Commercial Management is built bespoke for each client, with a dedicated Consultant supported by our specialist buying team back at base.

It retains your hands-on approach to your supply chain, whilst leveraging our market leading data and price management skills to the full.

Our Full Outsource service delivers access to deep skill sets, sector-leading market data/insight, and leading technology to create a step reduction in supply cost alongside major overhead reductions

Many operators retain small (and often generalist) in-house procurement teams to manage their supply contracts. But these resources are often over-stretched, and lack the depth of expertise to provide the optimum outcomes required.

Our Full Outsource service is built bespoke for each client, with a blend of professional expertise based within your business, supported by our specialist buying team back at base.

And unlike many other providers our service is fully transparent, and staffed by some of the best  supply chain professionals in the sector to give you the assurance you rightly need.

Using our Consortium Supply service enables smaller operators  to purchase through the scale of a ready-made supply chain with pre-agreed ranging and pricing – enabling price savings to be available immediately on a wide range of products.

Consortium Supply enables you to merge your spend with other Prestige clients to access lower pricing from the combined buying power achieved. Suppliers are pre-qualified and pre-selected, and supply prices reflect the combined scale of every client.

This supply chain comes ready to use, but your dedicated account manager will support your ongoing sourcing needs to ensure that any specific requirements can be obtained quickly and economically.

Consortium Supply comes with the option of a free-of-charge ordering system. And because suppliers and deals are ready to use you don’t have to wait for your cost savings to be delivered.

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