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Benchmarking & Advice

A range of services to deliver a lasting reduction in the cost of your bought in goods and services

Detailed opportunity analysis on policy, people, process, supply strategy and market price, together with a roadmap for improvement delivery

Wholesale Food Price Index, with accompanying market insights, trends and forecasts

Price comparison service at line item level – your prices versus true market data with accompanying insight

One-off Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring and Training

Our Supply Diagnostic is a detailed opportunity analysis on policy, people, process, supply strategy and market price, together with a roadmap for improvement delivery.

Our Supply Diagnostic is ideal for larger scale operators who want to understand the scale of commercial opportunity available through applying best-in-class methodologies to their supply chain, and desire a detailed roadmap for its delivery.

Improved performance is delivered through a combination of commercial analysis, good supply strategy, strong policy and process, use of technology, and most of all the right people doing the right things with excellence.

This detailed report holds a forensic lens to procurement and supply’s entire performance.

The Foodservice Price Index enables foodservice operators to more accurately track their food and drink purchase costs against inflation in the whole supply market

Produced jointly by Prestige and CGA, FPI is the largest independent set of transactional data used in the out-of-home market to measure food and drink supplier pricing.

Unlike many other categories of purchase, food and drink has much more volatility, particularly in foodservice and hospitality where compared to retail markets they are much more fragmented. As a result, prices that are competitive at one point in time can become over-priced if not paid regular attention.

FPI uses around 8 million lines of wholesale transaction data between buyers and suppliers each month, so you can accurately track performance against the whole market.

In this example the market price of the product at £10 tracks slowly downwards to £8 over time, but the price paid by the operator drifts upward to £12. In just a few months the operator is paying £4 more for the product (40% more than originally agreed when measured against market price movement).

Our Price Benchmark service tests your pricing at a line item and a basket level against equivalent and current market pricing, to measure how well you are performing against your competition

The price paid for a product is determined by many things – from the price paid by supplier, the cost of distribution, the attractiveness of the customer, and the degree to which the customer drives for lower price. These multiple variables can lead to enormous variations in prices paid by operators.

Our Price Benchmark service is a low cost way of finding if the net prices you are paying are better, worse or in line with those paid by similar operators. We use multiple sources from our extensive database to give you a clear picture of your price performance.

Our proprietary benchmarking system (Noesys) holds an extensive database of product lines with c. 4,000 products updated and/or added each month.

Updated with all products and prices that we receive from UK suppliers from national wholesalers through to independent regional specialists, Noesys covers all major food categories and commodities, including: Grocery, Produce, Dairy, Meat, Fish & Seafood, Bakery, Fresh, Frozen and ambient, as well as Beverages covering: hot beverages, soft drinks and alcohol.

We provide consulting and advice on all matters regarding supply chain, in the UK and overseas, as well as offering bespoke training, coaching and mentoring services

With over 20 years of operating in the Foodservice & Hospitality sector, and within the wider Food & Drink Supply Chain, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience under our belts. Our experience spans Procurement, Distribution, Manufacturing, Technology, HR and Operations. Initial conversations are always without charge.

We also provide bespoke Coaching and Mentoring programmes, particularly for CPOs and senior Procurement professionals.

And our Training programmes are built specifically for our sector. More details are opposite.

Programmes are suitable for groups of 8-12 delegates. If you don’t see the exact programme that you require then please do ask, as we are keen to engage to establish new and relevant programmes for our sector.

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