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We are a Foodservice and Hospitality procurement consultancy.

We run bespoke, client-funded supply chain reviews and purchasing projects for leading out-of-home eating businesses

No aggregation or supplier income
Flexible on funding
Purchasing without the funny business

Who we've worked with

We partner with leading out-of-home eating businesses,

where Food and Drink are central to their brand.

Peter Sullivan - Goodwood

“At Goodwood we made the decision to move away from a long term relationship with a partner that operated a model of aggregation. We knew that as our business was growing in scale and developing in terms of the offering we had for our clients, that we needed a partner with Prestige Purchasing as their approach is to develop and supplement not control. This allows us to stay close to our suppliers but still receive industry leading procurement support.”

Peter Sullivan, Procurement Manager
Goodwood Estates

Harry Heeley, Director of Hospitality, National Trust

“Our new menu strategy was truly ground-breaking and we needed the very best procurement and distribution skills to help us establish an economic way to dramatically improve our provenance. The reporting output was in-depth, well researched and provided us with all the critical information to make good decisions, and an excellent roadmap to make it all happen. The team at Prestige Purchasing worked seamlessly with our in-house team and were exceptionally professional throughout the entire six-month project.”

Harry Heeley, Director of Hospitality
National Trust


‘’As a business we were at the point where effectively managing our supply chain was becoming a full-time role. We decided to engage with Prestige Purchasing initially on a Supply Optimisation Project as we hold very strong relationships with our suppliers that we didn’t want to disrupt, however we alsorecognised that as we grew we needed to realise the benefits that this growth would bring. Prestige Purchasing did a fantastic job in making sure we purchased the items we wanted at the best commercial terms from the suppliers we wanted to use. With an ever increasing competitive landscape, retaining our innovative edge whilst maintaining economies we chose to continue to use Prestige Purchasing, benefiting from their data and skills to ensure we stay with the market on both new menu items and the existing supplychain.’’

Ed Bentley, Co-Founder

Laraine Beament - Finance Director - Rhubarb

“We chose them as our procurement partner due to the fact we share the same values as a business. Their focus is on absolute quality and delighting their clients just as it is ours. The procurement expertise they provide us as a business allows us to focus on delivery for our clients safe in the knowledge that the goods we produce across F&B are of a high quality while being commercially effective.”

Laraine Beament, Chief Finance Officer

“Amadeus is an award winning caterer in the private, corporate and events industry who is passionate about food. We wanted to partner with a business who understands our complex needs and that of our customers and our industry. Over a 2 year period, Prestige Purchasing delivered commercially on what was promised without most importantly compromising the quality of food we deliver to our customers.”

Marc Frankl, Food & Beverage Director

“Prestige Purchasing provided my senior team and I with leading edge best practice, and excellent practical support as we developed and implemented TotalCost Management. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Donna Huffman, CPO

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Sarah Peel

Head of Analytics

Stuart Read

Marketing Manager

David Read


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