Bisham Consulting

Bisham Consulting is a supply chain and logistics consultancy with a difference. For over 20 years we have been providing supply chain solutions that prove operationally robust and financially beneficial to our clients. We are staffed by professionals and we have held very senior roles with major retailers, manufacturers and logistics service providers and therefore we advise with real experience. We are based around the country and Europe with the head office in Beaconsfield, Berkshire. While each assignment is individual, based on client needs, Bisham has a proven methodology that enables us to clearly identify the process and actions required, as well as quantify the deliverables. The approach to business is very 'hands on' and commercial. The people you meet are the people you work with on the project.

Our experience ranges from strategy and planning through demand management, inventory management, supplier management & logistics procurement, warehouse design & operational efficiency, transport planning, international freight to outsourcing programs, ITT’s, contract drafting and contract management, project implementation and change management. We work across the UK, Europe, US and Australia. We agree with Prestige that viewing the supply chain as a whole is a necessity and we, working together, gives our clients’ unparalleled access to a range of real expertise. We enjoy working with partners, the intention is to ensure that our clients get the best analysis, the best solutions and advice. The companies are seamless.

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