Prestige Purchasing Blog

Inflation in foodservice input prices reaches 3.7% in February
Mar 24th 2017
The pattern of increasing input prices in the foodservice sector continued throughout February with inflation in the sector reaching 3.7% year on year.  Many operators will have been feeling the pinch with prices escalating well beyond seasonal norms.  The CGA Prestige Foodservice Price...
Concerns over meat and poultry supply grow following arrests in Brazil
Mar 24th 2017
Following the arrests of 33 federal inspectors on allegations of bribery, the Brazilian meat and poultry industry is under the spotlight as a suspected range of illegal practices are alleged to have gone unchallenged – but what are the implications for UK meat and poultry buyers? On the 19th March...
Olive Oil - Shortages On The Way
Mar 24th 2017
Britain could soon be seeing an increase in the price of olive oil, as olive orchards suffered under a two-pronged assault of weather and disease last year, eating into availability for 2017. In multiple countries that grow olives, the news isn’t good – Portugal has already advised of a 30%...
Turkey - Unstable relations ahead?
Mar 24th 2017
When some EU countries chose to block Turkish politicians from holding pro-Erdogan rallies, they prompted a backlash that has continued escalating ever since.  Already angered by having consideration of their future EU membership suspended, could Turkey now start turning its back on Europe...
Foodservice prices and the Brexit effect
Mar 15th 2017
Foodservice prices are facing something of a perfect storm at the moment—and uncertainty over Brexit suggests more turbulence lies ahead. The vote to leave the European Union has triggered volatility in the exchange rate of sterling, as well as confusion over future trade agreements between the UK...