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Foodservice Price Inflation (FPI) rises to 6.0%, but fish flies higher still
Apr 26th 2017
Food and Non Alcoholic Beverage Price Inflation sits at 6.0% for March 2017, with all categories seeing price rises compared to March 2016.  This increase is powered by a number of factors, but none more dramatic than the sharp increase in fish prices, 19.9% higher than this time last year....
Brexit Aside - what else is going on in world food?
Apr 26th 2017
While Brexit commands the headlines once again, it’s not the only issue affecting food imports and exports around the world – here we take a look at some of the other events around the world having an effect on food prices and availability. The recent Turkish referendum that saw more executive...
It's June For May - Is Theresa May's snap election a sweet or bitter pill?
Apr 26th 2017
Despite repeated statements to the contrary, Prime Minister Theresa May has now called for a snap General Election to be held in June.  There are many different theories about what inspired this sudden about-face and what she hopes to achieve with it, but of equal interest is what a victory...
Chicken & Egg - Relief for Free-Range poultry farmers
Apr 26th 2017
The requirement for poultry farmers to keep their birds indoors in “Higher Risk Areas” of England has come to an end with effect from 13th April, following updated advice from Defra. The move will come as a relief to the Free-Range farmers affected (approximately 17%) – while many retailers...
Pig Prices Flying - Average prices rise across EU
Apr 26th 2017
Tight supplies and the eventual start of the summer barbecue season have all contributed to pushing up standard pig prices in the past two months According to pricing information released by ADHB Pork this month, the price per kilo in the UK sits at approximately 153p, compared to 111p in the same...