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Foodservice inflation now at 2.9%
Feb 24th 2017
Low supply and rising costs of key items including vegetables, sugar, oils and fats and hot drinks has led to a 2.9% increase in foodservice prices in January 2017 compared to the start of 2016. That is the headline finding from the latest edition of the Foodservice Price Index from Prestige...
FPI rises to 2.9%
Feb 21st 2017
Foodservice Price Inflation (FPI) rose to 2.9% in January, pushed up by increases in a number of key categories including oils and fats, hot beverages, sugar and vegetables. Vegetables especially have increased dramatically, up by 10.4% compared to January ’16.  Much of this increase has come...
Coffee 2017 - Not Looking So Robusta
Feb 21st 2017
Coffee prices around the world could be heading up this year, as gloomy forecasts for production continue to emerge. Brazil, the world’s largest grower and exporter of coffee, has suffered from drought in recent years, and last year’s crop of Robusta (the coffee most often used in instant coffee...
W(h)ither Wheat? Wheat Rust marches across Europe
Feb 21st 2017
Prices for wheat have been low across the past few years, pushed down by ever more bountiful harvests, but this could soon come to an end.  Wheat could suffer this year, as farmers consider other crops, and the threat of disease threatens to cut into harvests. In one sense, wheat is becoming...
Food Fraud 2017 - Tackling an ever-growing problem
Feb 21st 2017
Food fraud is a growing problem in the UK food and drink industry, with a cost of up to £11 billion a year.  As prices continue to increase and businesses look to keep costs down while still providing quality products to customers, it’s more important than ever to be aware of where fraud is...